Another cultural dimension

Create a depth-map for your image using the brushes. White is far away, black is nearby.

Hold Ctrl and click to pick a depth.
Hold Space key to view only the depthmap.

Portret van Willem I, prins van Oranje
Willem Jacobsz. Delff, Maurits (prins van Oranje), Frederik Hendrik (prins van Oranje), Staten-Generaal



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Wiggle: Another cultural dimension

Wiggle allows you to explore a new dimension in open cultural data. Paintings and photos from the Rijksmuseum and Nationaal Archief collections can be converted into Wiggles: small 3D animations that shows depth in images that are originally flat. This application participates in the Open Cultuur Data Challenge 2014.

You can create your own Wiggle by picking an open data visual from the search results. With three paintbrushes a depth map can be created. Depth maps contain information about objects that are far away (white) or nearby (black).

Data sources

Nationaal Archief

Software and libraries

Data is retrieved using the Open Cultuur Data API
Visualisation framework Pixi.js
Depthy's WebGL Depth displacement filter

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